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    VIBEROOM is lofi beats radio station streaming beats, DJ mixes and live shows from reputable hip-hop and electronic producers from all over the Internet.

    VIBEROOM is non-profit and free of advertising.

    It is free for you, but not free for us. Please consider making a donation or buying awesome merch.

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    If you are looking for a chance to be broadcasted on the radio feel free to send us your music. If we dig it, we add it to the radio.

    We would also appreciate any feedback that will help us to enhance the radio.

    Player Keyboard Shortcuts

    You can use keyboard shortcuts listed below to control the player.

    • Play/Pause
    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down

    A big thanks to ᏞᎾ. ᏞᎬᎪfDJ LonelyMoonchillDeeZystepDusty OhmsӇ乇尺メBonboozeDaijobu-[:(] and The Gemini Maverick for donating.

    Other resources

    You can find the list of notable communities below: these can be hip-hop labels, forums, blogs and radios.