Fushou. makes timeless beats. There's definitely trends in the lo-fi game, and there's nothing wrong with indulging them because they usually involve provocative sounds and versatile techniques. But fushou's beats rarely latch onto these trends. If you trace his catalog back to its beginning over two years ago, the beats then are consistent with the beats now. They've all got that organic and grainy texture and they really fill up the frequency spectrum. They're not exceptionally jazzy, or extremely lo-fi on that spacey, quasi-psychedelic tip. They're just pure hip-hop.

Many of his beats include extended vocal samples from classic rap tunes. He'a always collaborating, working with over a dozen other producers to date including Oxela and too ugly.

— The Rust


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    • no worries
  • valle dei templi by undefined
    • valle dei templi
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    • mountain