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Awesome curator! Quick to respond and a lovely person <3

  • CaliCronk

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Always fast to respond, gives great feedback and the playlists are solid! 10/10, would submit again.

Magic Mondays
  • Magic Mondays

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Super easy to chat with! Shared very quickly. Among very good company on their playlist.

  • Dietevil

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Viberoom obviously takes the time to check out your stuff. Approval or not, always worth submitting their way.

  • jΓΌle

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Great outlet for lofi hip-hop and chill music promotion! Really excited to watch them grow and support more artists.

  • jibun

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Great to work with, very responsive and thoughtful feedback.

  • FluoLente

Submit your music

Do you have a lofi beat or rap track? Submit it to our Spotify playlists now!

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Your submission will be approved if it fits any of my playlists well. You'll be notified by email when your results are available. It takes about 2 weeks to process a submission.

If you'd like to get the results in 24 hours, you could skip the waitlist by going Premium for $3. If your submission gets rejected, you will get a 100% refund.

Spotify promotion

It's not a big secret that Spotify playlists have become one of the best ways for artists to reach a wider audience.

Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to get your music to a large playlist like Lofi Lush, Chill Lofi Study Beats and Japanese Lofi Hip-Hop. Most of these playlists are being curated by the Spotify editorial team or major labels like Chillhop Records, ChilledCow, Lofi Fruits and so on.

I am not affiliated with any lofi labels. My goal is to help talented artists to showcase their tracks by getting them listed on various Spotify playlists and the radio.

I do this with love and respect for the lofi community and all those artists that submit their music.